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Reclaimed wood louisville

Reclaimed wood louisville gorgeous vintage finds and eclectic repurposed items shine this dream renovated retirement home. Janice and charlie wiseman are in any case residing out their dream touring retirement avid collector vintage books janice all the time dreamed life thatched roof cottage england’cotswolds make easier escape the couple took leap faith and moved from… Read More »

Standard wood trim profiles

10 photos of Standard wood trim profiles how high are conventional counters tables cabinets lighting fixtures and extra out look right here. Have had hours conferences all through the years approximately the right top for countertops tables pendant lighting and more some heights are same old while others particular consumer’request right here ‘approximately a few… Read More »

Wood truss systems

12 photos of Wood truss systems what under pitched roof beautiful beams triangular shapes and rhythm form. Single circle of relatives properties gable pitched roof bureaucracy are relatively common they serve shed snow and water and feature been carried down over centuries rooting them specific locale yet the distance beneath the sloping roofs regularly relegated… Read More »